Manufactured by Teraflex. The TeraFlex Low18 low range gear kit converts the stock 2.43:1 low range ratio to 3.15:1. This low-range gear replacement kit combines the Dana 20�s case strength and durability and allows the Jeep owner to enhance trail performance by maximizing the low range crawl ratio. This kit provides rock-crawling performance without affecting high range gears for daily drivers, or the trip to and from the back country. This kit is easy to install. There are no driveshaft changes, or special shift linkages required. It comes as a 4 gear set, and includes all necessary gaskets and seals. This kit fits 1966-1971 CJs, utility wagons and pickups. CJs older than 1966 require a large Dana 18 or 20 transfer case housing from a 1966-1979 Jeep. Note: A Low18 gear kit (#2111000) is available for Dana 18 transfer cases using a Saturn or Warn overdrive.

Teraflex Low18 Gear Set Kit � Manual

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