Manufactured by Teraflex. These comfy TeraFlex Icon Topographical Socks from Fuel Clothing feature our classic icon logo, TeraFlex text, and a topographical design as well as a bold message on the bottom! Size: Small � Women�s Shoe Size: 5.5-10.5 � Men�s Shoe Size: 4-9) Features & Benefits: � White topographical graphic � TeraFlex Icon logo at top � �Tera� above right toe | �Flex� above left toe � �Jeep� on bottom of left foot | �Hard� on bottom of right foot � Kick off your shoes, cross your ankles, and tell the world you �Jeep Hard� � Black w/ red toe and heel � Sock by Fuel Clothing � 60% Acrylic | 12% Nylon | 3% Elastic � Moisture wick fabric w/ odor blocker fibers � Ultra-breathable quick dry acrylic � Double padded heel � Reinforced elastic Available Sizes: Medium/Large (# 5464001) Small (# 5462001)

Teraflex TeraFlex Icon Topographical Socks � Small

SKU: TF5462001

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